AJE Foundation in Haiti Since 2004

Terms & Conditions




These terms and conditions apply to all members and donors except where specifically stated.

  1. AJE Foundation is a 501(c) (3), nonprofit organization operating in the United States of America and Haiti since 2004.  We do not represent ourselves as broker, Real Estate Company, Financial Institution or Investment Company.  AJE Foundation (“AJE”) does not provide loans, mortgages, financing or any financial instruments.
  2. Members of all ages are welcomed.  Members under the age of 18 require parental consent.
  3. Members may not represent themselves as agents, board members, representatives or employees of AJE Foundation unless appointed.
  4. All members are responsible for compliance with the laws, rules and regulations with the authorities in their jurisdiction of residence.  AJE is not liable for any breach of laws made by members.
  5. Personal information given by members is used for the sole purpose of communicating AJE Foundation’s activities.  It is not sold or shared with other members. Members agree that they join AJE Foundation to help others in need without inducement of solicitation.
  6. AJE Foundation reserves the right to terminate any member for any breach of these terms and conditions.  Any member using the name of AJE Foundation, its officers illegally, for personal gain and mishandling of funds and information will be terminated and prosecuted with no recourse against the company or its officers.
  7. By joining AJE Foundation you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree with these terms and conditions.
  8. Welcome and enjoy these greatest practices of understanding what love and charity is all about, and distinguish the value you possess as an individual while still acting in the interest of your fellow human beings.


Love and Peace




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