AJE Foundation in Haiti Since 2004

Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers

a.    How many members does AJe Foundation need?             
As many as possible (Our database and response system is effective and reliable)

b.    What authority does the member have?                        The same authority as members of the board.     

c.     How many members are seated on the board of directors?                                                                                         14 members:

A.     CEO

B.     President

C.     Vice-President

D.     Secretary

E.     Treasurer

F.  Historian

G.     Public Relations

H.     Coordinator

I.      Event coordinator

J.  Assistant treasurer

K.      Assistant secretary

L.  Fundraising specialist

M.    Technical adviser

N.     Advertising person


4. How many members are seated in the regular board?                                                                                
7 members:

A.                        Accountant

B.                        Builder

C.                         Doctor

D.                         Nurse

E.                       Social worker

F.            Volunteer

G.                       Trip coordinator


d.    How many members does Aje Foundation have?               
33 in total all over the world.

e.    What should I expect from Aje Foundation if I have my own program and project?

A. Protection: what is required by the law of the land.

B. All the legal aspects to function in the country.

C. Local employees (We are automatically creating jobs in the area.)

D. Application and governance of the said employment

E. All the technical support concerning the project whether it is written in French English or Spanish.



Open membership seats

·        public relation

·        coordinator

·         event coordinator

·         asst- treasurer

·         fundraising specialist

·        advertizing person

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