AJE Foundation in Haiti Since 2004


Let us connect in prayer.


Loving Father, we praise you and thank for your many blessings. We implore your divine protection over the world, Haiti and those who bring medical relief, food, education, shelter and hope of rebuilding a stronger Haiti.

In humble trust we draw your attention to AJE Foundation’s members, partners and workers.  We entrust our projects to you.

  Thank you for the grace to share your word with others.  Holy Spirit, come and release the peace of Christ

  With your power…    we stand against every act of violence, terrorism and from the devil’s empty promises. Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to expose and defeat weapons of destruction. In Jesus’ name we take authority over every act planned against us. Under your command may they wither and die.

 Father, bring into a healed relationship with our Lord Jesus those who seek to harm AJE Foundation’s family and friends.  Forgive us for any way we have allowed seeds of violence to be planted in our heart.   Keep away everyone who would create despairs and intrigue among us. Father of all mercies and God of consolation give us the strength, courage and endurance to transform the shadow of death into the dawn of life.  We trust in your eternal love.  Grant that at the end of our earthly journey we may be found in the glory of Jesus’ company with our brothers and sisters.


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