AJE Foundation in Haiti Since 2004



Members who fill out either the form on the website or a physical application will obtain consideration in becoming a part of AJE foundation.

Regular members or members at large are part of a very special community bringing life and expectation to people around the world, especially in Haiti, a country which is terribly underprivileged. 

1- Members may choose to work as volunteers through AJE foundation providing different forms of aid for ongoing projects.

2-Members involved in construction are required to work under the supervision of our Engineering team or obtain approval to   run their own program.

3-Members working in the medical field should work under our administrative agent unless otherwise specified.

4-Members who are part of the operation team will establish contracts, settle projects, and gain experience with a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of the advancement of society in Haiti. The rewards of this experience, both physical and spiritual, are unmatched.

5-Member recruitment is worldwide.  AJE Foundation is seeking to build long term relationships with prospects to assist in providing ongoing systematic support through our channels within the Haitian community.


Member Snapshot

          -AJE Foundation currently has 33 members worldwide.   with 9 employees.        
- AJE Foundation also has several prospective members/service providers who fall into one of four categories:

A.           Members in contract with AJE Foundation

B.            Members working directly under the umbrella of AJE   Foundation    who are paid by AJE Foundation on a regular basis for professional services.

C.           For profit service providers operating on behalf of AJE Foundation

D.           Affiliate members: members with their own actualized written program and acting under AJE  Foundation’s shield and protection.

We have members dedicated to write grant proposals and promote AJE Foundation.  However, we are looking for more members to help us in that mission.  We are also looking for .... investors....donors...sponsors
and partners.


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