AJE Foundation in Haiti Since 2004

Humanitarian Aid


    100% of donations are dedicated to fight hunger, disease, and illiteracy.  We are networking with several organizations in Gonaives, particularly GRADH of the Raboteau Hospital in Gonaives. 

Gradh stands for Groupe de recherche et d’action pour la defense s droits de l’homme. (Group of research and action for the defense of human rights). In Port-au prince, Leogane , Fond des Negres, Miragoane and  Jérémie. This is a project which provides remedial schooling to teenagers and young adults and teaches them a trade.

     We are encouraging anyone with a funded project to join us in this quest.   AJE Foundation will help them to join a very interesting program in agriculture (soil less agriculture) in Tabarre, Leogane, Fond-des-Negres or any city of their choice.  We visited a site in Miragoane where we will open an orphanage, a school of agriculture and a fishery school for the underprivileged.

    AJE members and contributors can also choose to donate funds and direct us to where the funds are to be disbursed.  AJE members who donate regularly could ask for a printout of all the expenses sent out to those programs.



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