AJE Foundation in Haiti Since 2004

About us

AJE Foundation is the realization of Antoine Eusebe’s childhood dream.  He was constantly reminded of the poverty and lack of access to basic resources such as housing, education, health care, sanitation, nutrition which is a way of life for many Haitians.   

In 2006 Antoine established AJE FOUNDATION and launched PUSH RECORDS, Inc, which sponsored the first CD, Pardon.  Pardon is a multilingual socio-spiritual CD in English, French, Spanish and Creole which gathered the best of Haiti’s musicians.   Pardon is available for sale and fundraising events. 


 In 2005 we partnered with Amila Emilien, a big-hearted woman   affectionately called Myla who had been running a very small home for abandoned boys and girls.    We helped her build the co-ed dormitory in Fonds-des-Negres.  To date we house 40 boys and girls and feed another 10 who live with family at home. 

Myla also has a house in Port-au-Prince which serves as her official headquarters.  It is run by Robert Lolange, a very ambitious 17 year old who helps take care of 9 additional boys.  This brings our current total to about 60 children.

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